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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> pretty amazing. there is more still ahead in the next half-hour or. >> an officer under fire related to a police shooting. a live report. >> and a manhattan murder mystery is connected to our area. >> how long will the bitter cold last? good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good friday morning. we made it. i'm greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. let's begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> there's a little relief later today. you will notice as you walk are out the door, not quite as windy. we will not see the wind chill
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factors from earlier in the week. 29 degrees at reagan national. 19 degrees in gaithersburg. 21 in martinsburg. 25 in culpeper. there's rain to the north and west of us. snowing in western maryland, not going to impact the immediate metro area. we will look for mostly cloudy skies today. 39-44 degrees today. that will feel pretty nice. that is well below average for this time of year. we will take a look at the forecast for the weekend, coming up. there's rain on the leg. the way. the beltway is running nicely. no troubles on 95. looks good from southern maryland. 228 and 200 and as well. 66 looks fine except for
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westbound at glebe road where there were is lingering roadwork. 70 westbound is closed at old national pike because of an accident ahead. traffic is fourth to going to middletown up to 17 myers and that will not change for another alabama work. hour.other a man is in custody. this happened last night in landover near belle haven drive. now courtney robinson is live at prince george's county police department. batman is in the hospital this morning in stable but serious condition. officers say that he tried to rob a woman and then fired shots at them. it happened around 9:00 last night in landover outside the 7-
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eleven store near fedex field. a woman called 911 setting betsy was being robbed. officers found two men on the scene. seen asthem fled the police were searching. -- scene. none of the officers were injured. officers found the other man a short time later. officers are trying to determine whether or not he was involved in the initial robbery. the man in custody in the hospital is awaiting charges. we will bring you more as it develops. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. prince george's county police officers are back on duty. a washington post panel that
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reviews officer involved shootings decided to return them to duty. this is part of an effort to clear the officers and put them back to work. a fashion designer from the va has been found dead in a new york hotel. 33-year-old silvie was found in a bathtub. her boyfriend is being questioned. he's the son of an oscar-winning composer. >> she is from mclean, but moved to new york to pursue a fashion design. she works for some of the biggest names and then started her on fashion line in 2006. on thursday at the seoul palace -- soho house hotel guests
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complained about flooding above them. the woman had visible bruises and possible bite marks. no illegal drugs were found and the room was not in disarray. herta or friend paid for the rome and is being interviewed by police, but not charged with a crime. his father is songwriter joseph brooks, known for writing "you light up my life." the elder ebooks is facing charges of molesting a would-be actress is in his new york apartment. investigators say that the boy friend checked into a hotel after a fire. there's going to be an autopsy. police are looking at security camera footage from the hotel. mike conneen, abc 7 news. police looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run
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accident that happened in district heights wednesday night. bworown and brother were struck while crossing the intersection of county and walker mill roads. she was killed. >> it is a better area. there's a lot of speeding. -- it is bad area. >> there are no lights. >> poor visibility may have contributed to the accident. police are looking for a 1990 gold honda accord with front-end damage. learning about the man accused of orchestrating a terrorist plot near baltimore. antonio martinez'mother told the associated press that she tried to convince her son not to convert to islam. she is embarrassed by the accusations against her son. authorities claim martinez tried to detonate a fake bomb outside
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a military recruiting center in catonsville. former president bill clinton will meet with president obama at the white palace today. republicans are preparing to take control of an alice in january. mr. clinton helped with a similar situation during his first term. he ended up working with a republican to advance his agenda. it would not be christmas in washington without a lighting of the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one. >> there she goes. dallas and the people braved -- thousands of people watched the first family light the spruce trees. it is adorned with thousands of l.e.d. lights. the condition -- tradition goes back to president calvin coolidge in 1923. >> i heard the president tell a funny story about the sheep.
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>> yes, they got stuck in rush- hour traffic. >>the nativity scene. >> i cannot read that little number. >> it's cold. still ahead, the most fascinating person of 2010. we will tell you who is at the top of the list for bagram walters. >> the president is pushing congress to take action on two major issues. >>
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a cold start in centreville this morning. temperatures around 23 degrees on the weather and other network. biggins has really settle down. a lot of the area looking at 3-5 miles an hour. 25 degrees at reagan national. today's forecast, mostly cloudy, gold, not as windy. 39-44 degrees. a few scattered clouds by tonight from allow temperatures to fall back to the 20's. 42-47 tomorrow. raining on sunday. i have given everyone the
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green light on 95. pretty good between fredericksburg and baltimore. we will show you the camera of traffic and it's moving nicely. red is heading south towards fredericksburg. headlights are northbound way to the pentagon. no troubles in montgomery county outside the beltway, very quiet at university blvd.. 70 west is closed at old national pike for an accident with a detour posted. back to you. >> thank you. 29 degrees. >> coming up, we've or wondering about this, google reveals 2010's top searches. >> the tax-cut debate take another turn. who says to take it and who to leave it. >> a planned protest at leave it. >> a planned protest at elizabeth edwards'
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checking our top stories, a robbery suspect in the hospital after a police involved shooting in landover. an officer was approaching the suspect near sheriff road and belle haven got and the suspect started firing. the suspect was shot and the officer was not injured. of fashion designers originally from mclean, va has been founded in new york city. cachay's by the was found in an overflowing hotel bathtub. investigators are questioning a suspect. people are planning to picket tomorrow's public memorial service for elizabeth edwards in north carolina. she died after a six-year battle
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with cancer. president obama faces serious objections from members of his party over the compromise that he struck with republicans on tax cuts. democrats say it's not a done deal. emily schmidt joins us with the latest developments. disk>> we have been talking abot this all week and we will next week. the time line for tax cuts as they stand right now is getting shorter, but the road for extending the maybe getting a little longer this. ' democrats announcing their strongest and yet against the deal. yesterday in a democratic caucus voted to reject the bill. they said if it is take-it-or- leave-it, we will leave it. what's more, this comes after president obama publicly defended the deal three days in a row. vice-president joe biden spent
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two days on capitol hill trying to sell the deal. majority leader harry reid says centres will begin negotiating a deal monday. other legislation has stalled in the meantime, including the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell". what to do next? president obama humira get advice on how to deal with his divided government. if today he meets with bill clinton in the white house as a way to talk about post-election political strategy. i am sure they will have a lot to talk about. abc 7 news. 5:17. the virginia general assembly bill looked at a bill requiring police officers to stop at red lights and stop signs unless they are using their lights and sirens. if it's being pushed by a fairfax county woman was daughter died after she was hit by a police cruiser that did not
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have its siren on. a judge is expected to decide whether a 13 year-old murder suspect can be tried as an adult. the teenager faces murder and rape charges in the death of a teacher that taught at the youth facility in prince george's county. the ceremony will be held today to honor d.c. department of public works employees killed on the job. lenny hudgins was fatally shot in october at a lot in northeast. a co-worker was wounded. torres so far. they will rename the place collections building in his memory. google breaks down the top 10. and verizon 4g is put to the test. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> faster new wireless network to the test.
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rosslyn started rolling alex kids can 4g laptops in 38 cities -- verizon started rolling out its 4g laptops. >> it might cost you at the higher speed. pricing plans or other expensive. >> youtube videos are about to get the laundry. there's going to be of 15-minute limit beginning with a select group of users. and low gul will downloa -- and google as its top searches of 2010. ipad was no. 1. i am rob nelson. any things to look for? >> laytonsville sunday for the
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football game. the high temperatures will be in the morning and then they will slide during the day. [inaudible]tuesday tbd. the wind chill factor is 24 degrees. not as cold as the past couple mornings. in centreville it is 23 degrees. 19 degrees is the dew point. not much of an issue. 19 in gaithersburg. 21 in hagerstown. to the north and west there is a system that will remain to the north. it will send a few snow flurries to western maryland, not going to accumulate. cold air building over canada. the cold erroll moderates a little. by monday, daytime highs around 30 degrees. schwind amount 40 miles an hour
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or. it will feel a lot colder. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. clearing tonight a little. notice tomorrow afternoon into the evening, by 9:00, this hour's begin in southern maryland and through the day on sunday. this is part of a cold front that will sweep across the area bringing grain. the football game looks blustery and gold and damp. today, 39-44 degrees, mostly cloudy. glad that you join us this morning. no major problems around the beltway. let's look at the beltway traffic's "the pennsylvania ave. everything looks pretty clean near andrews air force base. looks good in this camera and along 270, 66, 95. 70 westbound is closed.
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you must exit at old national pike. take that to middletown and then up to 17 northbound towards meyersville. it's a long detour. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21, 30 degrees. >> coming up, why the questions and capitals needed to break out of their recent slump. their fourth straight loss. >> today on "oprah," 23 years after an aids case/west virginia town, oprah winfrey returns to see if feelings have changed, today at 4 catalana abc -- at 4:00 on abc 7.
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the florida panthers defeated the washington capitals. they have lost four straight games. the benign on this man. it was two-nothing, florida. and they went on to beat washington. in philadelphia, jason clark. when you hit from the bonus area, you can always stay in the game. a terrific the ce performance.
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5-7 was the score. temple up since georgetown, 68- 65 in philadelphia. the celebration continues in philadelphia. there's a look at morning sports. have a great day. >> 5:26, 29 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> virginia tech takes the heat for the nation's deadliest ambush shooting. a new report shows the school broke the law. >> one man is in hospital after a shootout with police in paul merhige parkour -- in palmer park. >> and not as cold as the past couple mornings. there's a change in the forecast with a lot of rain on the lake. windy and cold conditions
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, between prince george's county police and a robbery suspect. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this friday morning, december 10. i am alison starling. >> on greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather. steve rudin has the first forecast. i am freezing already. >> it's cold, but not as cold as the past couple mornings. if the twins has settled down, lifting of temperatures. 30 degrees at reagan national,
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25 at gaithersburg. 21 at dulles airport, 19 in manassas. there are few snow flurries in maryland and west virginia. skies for us will remain mostly cloudy, temperatures around 39- 44. there's rain in the forecast for the latter part of the weekend. cold and windy for next week. an update on traffic with lisa baden. looks pretty good and downtown. a lot of southern maryland, about 4, 5, 228, traffic and a lot of manassas on route 50, giving a green one greenlight. baltimore washington parkway on 95 between baltimore and washington look good. noel troubles on 270, just growing volume southbound. a prince george's county
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police officer got in a gunfight with a robbery suspect in landover. >> this happened last night near the intersection of sheriff road and belle haven drive. a suspect is in custody this morning. courtney robinson has what happened. >> good morning. the suspect is in custody in the hospital. he was shot by police. investigators say it happened around 9:00 last night in landover near fedex field. a woman called 911 telling officers that she was being mobbed. when they arrived, they found two men on the scene. one of them fled away. the other suspects pulled allen out a gun and began firing at them. they fired back and shot him multiple times. these and a hospital in serious but stable condition. officers were able to recover
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the gun. othericers found the man short time later. he has since been released. officers are investigating. they are not sure if he was involved in the initial robbery. they are still investigating the circumstances. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. police are still looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and- run accident in district heights. looking for a 1990 golden honda accord with front-end damage. on wednesday night 28-year-old krystal brown was killed at walker mill and county roads in district heights. her 20-year-old brother critically injured. knew this morning, a murder mystery that stretches from mclean, va. to manhattan. police found 33-year-old sylvie cachay did in a soho hotel
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just hours after she broke up with her zero boyfriends -- her boyfriend. >> cheese from mclean, virginia. she works for marc jacobs, real cigarettes, and victoria's secrets. s-- tommy hilfiger. then she started her own line. police discovered her body in the bathtub with the water still running. she was fully clothed. >> she was very polite. >> there was no one else in the home and prescription drugs were present. she had visible bruises with possible bite marks on her
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neck. >> she was a very nice girl. very polite. boyfriend paid forer the lukewarm -- the room. he is the son of songwriter joseph brooks. >> family and friends of her have released a statement. "it was her magnetic energy, is, and emotional generosity that she will be best remembered for." we are hearing this morning from the mother of the man at the center of a terror plot outside baltimore. antonio martinez's mother assisted she tried to convince her son not to convert to islam. she also said she is embarrassed
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by accusations against him. the fbi said martinez tried to detonate a fake bomb outside a military recruiting center in catonsville. virginia tech officials are disputing the findings of a federal report that targets their reactions to the 2007 shooting. the university waited too long to notify students about a gunman on campus. of virginia tech spokesman said the school will likely appeal this ruling. >> we still disagree with the findings. we believe the actions of the university on the morning of april 16 were consistent with other actions at other kean university is in the early parts of the decade. >> 33 students were killed. virginia tech faces a possible fine and a loss of federal student financial aid. looking at the day ahead,
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opposing democracy activist leisel will be awarded the nobel peace prize, but he will not be able to be there to accept it. -- liu xiaobo. his wife and others were placed on house arrest to keep them from picking up the prize for him. members of the british royal family, prince charles and his wife, were on their way to the theater when angry students kicked their vehicle and pelted it with a paint ball. the couple was not injured. the students or upset over a hike in college tuition fees. 29 degrees. >> still ahead, justin bieber, the jersey shore, and general petraeus. the most fascinating people on barbara walters' list. decemberident obama's
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demand for democrats before time
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i am wendy morris from the salvation army reminding you to give generously this christmas season. >> good morning, washington. >> welcome back.
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slightly milder morning, 30 degrees in prince frederick. the wind is not exist 00 nonexistent wind. it's 21 degrees in dulles. there's a weak system that is bringing snow showers to michigan and ohio and western pennsylvania and western maryland. it will not affect the immediate metro area. cloudy skies. not as windy. 39-44 degrees for the daytime highs. temperatures in the 20's tonight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a 32-47 degrees, a welcome change -- 42-47. for the football game on sunday it will be windy and very cold. monday and tuesday, gold. metrorail is on normal
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service system wide. you'll find more of your neighbors on the roads. 270 traffic is starting to build in volume at 109. looks good on 66 and 95, heading up to the beltway is starting to get a little heavy. let's go to northbound 95, headlights to springfield. back to you. >> thank you. 29 degrees, 5:41. >> a sneak peek at michael jackson's first posthumous music video. >> it is not acceptable. >> stark choices for congress as the clock ticks. >> a high-profile kidnapping case
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checking our top stories, a robbery suspect in serious condition after being shot by a prince george's county police officer last night near sherriff's road and bell haven in landover. the officers were approaching the suspect when the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire. the officer was not injured. new york city police are searching for clues in the death of a fashion designer from mclean, virginia. 33-year-old sylvie cachay's body was found in an overflowing hotel bathtub. police are questioning her boyfriend. a utah jury has been deliberating the fate of the man accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart. brian david mitchell kidnapped the girl from her salt lake city halls in 2002. she was found several months later. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. the white house and republican lawmakers have cleared the way for quick action on the tax-cut compromise.
5:46 am
but house democrats say it is not a done deal. emily schmidt has more on the debate over the tax cuts. with three weeks until bush era tax cuts expire, it has congressional pushback. >> there is an important debate on capitol hill that will determine whether our economy moves forward or backward. >> if it's take-it-or-leave-it, we will leave it. >> the house democratic caucus voted to reject the package. harry reid says senators will begin debating the deal on monday. >> it needs to be negotiated. it is not acceptable to those democratic caucus. >> elias says the plan is the best realistic action -- the white house says. repealing "don't ask, don't
5:47 am
tell" is on hold for now. we have suffered a setback. >> president obama may get advice today on how to deal with the divided quokkas. president clinton will be there to talk strategy with him. the roads around washington could be a little less congested. president obama has signed a bill requiring federal agencies to come up with policies that would let employees work from home or other locations. virginia gov. bob mcdonnell has a plan to do with construction and maintenance projects at a conference in roanoke yesterday. he would spend $4 billion over the next three years. $3 billion would come from borrowing and existing debt. the mother of a teenager
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link to the murder of d.c. school principal brian betts and it's that she used the victims' credit card. she pleaded guilty to robbing him the night he was murdered. his mother pleaded guilty to two counts of credit card theft. -- her son pleaded guilty to the night he was murdered. isn't that beautiful. thousands of people waited in the cold to watch the first family life to the national christmas tree. the 42-foot camerado springs train is adorned with thousands of l.e.d. lights and ornaments made by school children. >> braving the cold. >> bb king is a legendary
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singer. >> very cool. speaking of something yen- hsun and deal to do for the holidays, the national zoo has "zoolights" going on through the holiday season. it's great because there are beautiful brides and the animals. >> abc 7 is the official sponsor. it's open tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night. between 6:00 and 8:30. it is free. you can siva panda bears and panda claus will be there. -- you can see the panda bears. parking is about $8. , but it is worth it. >> a nice holiday gift. >> this year.
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>> looks like a lot of fun. >> dress warmly if you aren't doing something outdoors for that. >> sunday night is going to be colder. the rain will move in after the exhibit closes at 8:30. dew point levels at 20 in gaithersburg. it's 21 degrees in martinsburg. in manassas, 19 degrees. the satellite and radar shows a disturbance to the north and west of us. that system will move away from the area to bring a few snow flurries to western maryland, shenandoah valley, potomac, maryland. notice by midday tomorrow and tomorrow night, showers begin to approach from the south, southern maryland's looking at showers by 9:00.
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sunday morning, scattered showers. there's a wintry mix and a cold front just off to the rest of us. sunday morning into sunday afternoon, a big change in temperature is. very windy conditions. 39-44 degrees today. tonight the temperatures tumble into the 20s. a few scattered clouds overnight. the clouds return tomorrow, 42- 47 degrees. a big cooldown monday and tuesday. a car has rolled over on the beltway possibly in prince george's county southbound from fedex field down to andrews air force base toward pennsylvania avenue. we are looking at the geico camera of traffic on 395 leaving springfield and up to the pentagon, that looks great.
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back to you. >> thank you. an unexpected name to a top barbara walters'list of the 10 most fascinating people of 2010. i heard lisa baden was in the running. >> i have not watched it yet, but you can give the answer. >> it is someone very deserving. general david petraeus is in the top spot. he's the top u.s. commander in afghanistan and was commander of the multinational force in iraq in 2006. walters called him an american hero. he is joined by sarah palin, betty white, kate middleton, justin bieber, sandra bullock, beyonce, jennifer lopez, the guest of the jersey shore. funny for all those people to be
5:53 am
on the same list. >> speaking of entertainment, the music video for michael jackson's new single "hold my hand," it was posted to a website yesterday. listen. ♪ >> the video features archival sinking -- archival footage of the singer. it goes on sale next week. it is still hard to believe he's gone. >> sounds like a nice song. 5:53, 29 degrees. >> you ar
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two dogs appeared to doing well after a terrifying ordeal. >> the collies ended up trapped in the water in a pond and they were surrounded by ice. as you workers pulled them are owed an hour after their owner called 911. she was frightened. >> i could not see woody. my heart stopped. i thought, dear god, don't let him go in the water. the response was incredible. >> but also that with their
5:57 am
owner. the veterinarian said they seem to be doing well. she is so grateful for the folks who rescued them. 5:56 on this friday. there's a lot more still to come. >> coming up, a new record shows life is getting even shorter. mike conneen in the newsroom, following developments in the investigation of the death of a fashion designer from in the investigation of the death of a fashion designer from mclean, va. who
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♪my country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing; ohhhhh, land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring! ♪
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straight ahead, an officer under fire. we will have the latest on a police shooting investigation in a live report. >> and the fashion designer found dead. a manhattan murder mr. rica next to our area. >> the critical legal stick around. good morning washington continues right now. the cold stickscc around. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>


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